What clients say

”Discussions with Peter helped me to move from a point of despair towards a consistently more positive outlook by tackling negative attitudes and developing a better sense of self-esteem. Thank you so much!” 44 year old man

“I started the counselling very apprehensive about what to expect but Peter quickly made me feel at ease. I appreciated his insight and understanding and would highly recommend him.” 33 year old woman

“I have found my experience with Peter very enlightening and rewarding. My past traumas had engendered a lack of trust and openness generally, however Peter helped me through that and enabled me to begin to deal with my pain in a healthy manner. The sessions are relaxed and this combined with insightful questions means that opening up comes easily. I’d highly recommend Peter’s practice.” 39 year old man

“I went to see Peter for counselling to talk through the issues I was experiencing due to high levels of anxiety regarding my health.  I felt overwhelmed with these thoughts and needed help.  Peter was easy to talk to and very reassuring.  He provided me with coping strategies to manage my irrational thoughts. I greatly benefited from my counselling sessions with Peter.” 43 year old woman

“I came to Peter suffering from depression and anxiety relating to abuse from my partner over a period of twenty years. Peter helped me to come to terms with what had happened. I believe I understand my symptoms and I’m able to think clearly and I’m also feeling much better. I may never be completely free of the feelings concerning my ex but I’m able to sleep at night now and I’m in a much better place than I have been for years.” 65 year old man

“My emotions were in turmoil after finding out my partner had been unfaithful. Talking to Peter helped me through this very difficult time and I found the strength to communicate with my partner and ultimately come to a decision about our relationship.” 29 year old woman

“Peter helped me with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, abuse and low self-esteem. Peter treated me with kindness, compassion and respect and he has helped me unravel complex personal issues and emotional problems. I would highly recommend Peter’s practice to anyone seeking help.” 24 year old man

“My life has completely changed with the help Peter gave me. Work is going great and I’m now in a loving relationship. Thank you, you helped me get my life back on track!” 20 year old man